The Historic Dunellen Theatre Is Now Home To Live Entertainment

Motion pictures were first exhibited in Dunellen in 1911. Throughout that decade, numerous attempts were made to operate a Theatre in the Middlesex County locale. Finally, in 1921, construction began on a $14,000, 500-seat movie theatre.
Hosford’s Theatre opened on North Avenue in May 1922, featuring both vaudeville acts and motion pictures. After several run-ins with local law enforcement due to management’s occasional attempts to violate “Blue Laws” by exhibiting films on Sundays, the Theatre was sold to the owner of the Brook Theatre in nearby Bound Brook. By 1932, after a brief time as “Dunellen’s Cameo Theatre”, the facility had become known as the Dunellen Theatre. The current theatre owner, who is also the owner of the neighboring Zupko’s Tavern, has recently removed extra seats, and added cocktail-style tables between theatre rows. The additional tables are the perfect size to accommodate meals and beverages while watching a show, for an even better experience.
The Theatre is also available for private party rentals. Please inquire by email.